Our Outsourcing Process

Proven, tried and tested. Time and time again.

We have worked hard towards creating a seamless and reliable outsourcing system, from first contract through to project delivery.

Step 1: Discovery
Take the first step and jump on a discovery call with one of our Outsourcing Specialists. First, we must discover if outsourcing is right for your business and if so, the best pricing model to explore.

Step 2: The Project
If you have all the required documentation such as a project brief and/or specification ready, excellent. If you do not, we will work with you and share some blank templates to help you present the project in the best possible way for an estimation.

Step 3: Estimation
Over the next week or two your Outsourcing Specialist will start bringing you estimations for the project (completely free of charge), from trusted outsourcing partners that match your required technology stack.

Step 4: Video Call Interviews
Once you have an estimate that you are happy with, we will setup a video call for you to have a conversation with your potential new developer(s). Here we can clarify questions with the project or estimate also.

Step 5: Project Kickoff
Provided you are happy and comfortable with your new team we can arrange the project start date, very quickly if you have an urgent need. Now, we build something great.

the very beginning.
we have done this process time and agian know exactly how to set you up for success.
Once you have accepted a bid, we will be in contact to setup an introduction call with your
new team.
All parties involved in the project shall be invited to a dedicated Slack channel to keep communication regular and open.
Every project will have a project manager that will oversee the development process.

Not technical? Don't worry, our Project Manager will guide you through the process no problem. If you are technical, you'll be glad to have someone overseeing the remote team on your behalf, reporting directly to you.
We kick off with a planning meeting and then daily calls to discuss progress are a must!
At the end of every week we review the progress and move forward.
Are you ready to make the right decision for your business?

Growing fast post Series A, Veeqo had the need to hire a lot of engineers, particularly senior in a very short space of time. We were able to source exactly what they needed in the required time frame to assist them with their fast growth.

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