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By founders, for founders.

Our story is not just a case of we saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it, our roots in technology and outsourcing go back much further than that.

In 2012 one of our co-founders, Elliot, started his first digital business. Being based in quiet part of Wales, UK where access to talent is quite limited, Elliot and the team decided to enlist a top local development company to develop the mobile applications. The development of these applications was unsuccessful (like many new tech companies, we got burned).

Fast-forward to 2014 and Elliot was working on another digital business but this time with a big difference. Learning from mistakes first time around, he looked to the internet to try and build a remote team of highly skilled developers, welcome Ivan, the second Clockers co-founder. Over the next 2 years they proceeded to build out a remote team of 16 developers spread across Eastern Europe, Asia and the US. This 'remote business' attitude with unlimited talent lead to the delivery of an outstanding product.

Looking to the future and trends of the digital world in the UK, this is where Ivan and Elliot decided to set up Clockers. Not only trying to solve the recruitment problems that they have both faced in the past but also to help other founders overcome these same issues, through outsourcing. For this, they enlisted the help of two other outsourcing experts, Peter & Serge.

Clockers is a place where founders can find the right skillsets for a one off tech project (outsourcing) or hire a full-time development team that works with them day in, day out (outstaffing).

With both of our co-founders having a wealth of experience in the outsourcing world and also both having seen first hand what bad technology decisions can do to a digital business, Clockers has been built in such a secure way you can have full confidence in our process of outsourcing and all our development partners that help make this ecosystem super successful.

Book a call with one of our team and we can discuss what options you have for outsourcing and discuss honestly if your project is a fit or not.
meet our co-founders
Elliot Thomas
Elliot Thomas

Managing Director

Ivan Verkalets
Ivan Verkalets

Technical Director

Elliot Thomas
Peter Stroyich
Ivan Verkalets
Serge Khmelovskyi
Why you should  
to Ukraine

Outsourcing will change the way you do business, forever

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Unlimited supply of highly skilled software developers.

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Grow and scale your team in line with your company growth, exactly like you need.

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54% have upper-intermediate English language skills

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87% of software developers have a University Masters Degree.

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Hire the team you need exactly when you need it, no more long recruitment process.

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Work with a culture of highly motivated individuals that will invest themselves in your project making you proud to call them your team members.

the very beginning.
‚Äčwe have done this process time and agian know exactly how to set you up for success.
Once you have accepted a bid, we will be in contact to setup an introduction call with your
new team.
All parties involved in the project shall be invited to a dedicated Slack channel to keep communication regular and open.
Every project will have a project manager that will oversee the development process.

Not technical? Don't worry, our Project Manager will guide you through the process no problem. If you are technical, you'll be glad to have someone overseeing the remote team on your behalf, reporting directly to you.
We kick off with a planning meeting and then daily calls to discuss progress are a must!
At the end of every week we review the progress and move forward.

Cheaper and more flexible with a lot of extra benefits!