the very beginning.
‚Äčwe have done this process time and agian know exactly how to set you up for success.
Once you have accepted a bid, we will be in contact to setup an introduction call with your
new team.
All parties involved in the project shall be invited to a dedicated Slack channel to keep communication regular and open.
Every project will have a project manager that will oversee the development process.

Not technical? Don't worry, our Project Manager will guide you through the process no problem. If you are technical, you'll be glad to have someone overseeing the remote team on your behalf, reporting directly to you.
We kick off with a planning meeting and then daily calls to discuss progress are a must!
At the end of every week we review the progress and move forward.

Have a personalised discussion about your requirements with someone who understands.

Outsourcing to Ukraine through a UK company will be the best decision you ever make. It really is a game changer.

We are already helping UK tech companies build awesome products and scale successfully while saving costs.