Benefits of Outsourcing With Clockers

Feeling anxious about outsourcing? Worried things will go wrong? We have done this time and time again for multiple companies and have excellent partners, plus a formula and process that just works. You are in good hands.

Why use Clockers?

Our developer partners love working with Clockers because we are reliable and bring in great projects. Due to this they always give our clients extra care and attention to maintain our strong relationship.

We are a highly experienced UK team that is here for you.

Our outsourcing specialists join every project to make sure you get what was promised, delivered. We even join you in Slack!

Our developer partners have delivered for our clients time and time again, and they will for you.

We know and fully understand outsourcing, and we are good at it.

Why you should 
to Ukraine

Outsourcing will change the way you do business, forever.

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Unlimited supply of highly skilled software developers.

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Grow and scale your team in line with your company goals.

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54% of devs have upper-intermediate English language skills

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87% of software developers have a University Masters Degree.

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Hire the team you need exactly when you need it, no more long recruitment process.

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Work with a culture of highly motivated individuals that will invest themselves in your project making you proud to call them your team.

There are so many business related benefits to outsourcing, from cost savings through to speed of development and team recruitment. Book a no obligation call with us to see how outsourcing can work for your business.
the very beginning.
‚Äčwe have done this process time and agian know exactly how to set you up for success.
Once you have accepted a bid, we will be in contact to setup an introduction call with your
new team.
All parties involved in the project shall be invited to a dedicated Slack channel to keep communication regular and open.
Every project will have a project manager that will oversee the development process.

Not technical? Don't worry, our Project Manager will guide you through the process no problem. If you are technical, you'll be glad to have someone overseeing the remote team on your behalf, reporting directly to you.
We kick off with a planning meeting and then daily calls to discuss progress are a must!
At the end of every week we review the progress and move forward.

Oksana and co. have worked on some of our biggest and most complex projects to date. Hailing from Ivano-Frank to the West of Ukraine they are a super team of 120+ in house covering a range of technologies but specialising in PHP / Java.



Cheaper and more flexible with a lot of extra benefits!