How to become one of our developer partners

We only partner with the best outsourcing agencies we can find. Please read the below information carefully before applying.

Currently we are only accepting partners from Ukraine. If you are based elsewhere and would like us to notify you when we launch in your country, please continue with the application.

What is Clockers?

A team of outsourcing specialists with small offices in both the UK and Ukraine. We specialise in finding the best outsourcing partners in Ukraine and bringing them equally excellent projects that we find from UK based clients.

How does it work?

Our UK team spend their time marketing and selling outsourcing services and as a result our clients and potential clients will come to Clockers and bring the latest projects they are working on in order to receive an ‘estimate’ from our outsourcing partners in Ukraine.

We always make sure that our developer partners between them can cover a range of all technology stacks so there are no skills shortages on Clockers. This means that our clients can rest assured that whatever they need, we can deliver.

If you become one of our outsourcing partners, you will have the opportunity to submit estimates for new projects we get win yourself exciting new clients.

What does it cost?

Clockers does not charge you for submitting estimates or winning projects. We ask all of our partners to lower their hourly rates around 10-20% for all projects they submit estimates for as we add that back on to projects. This is where we make our money.


If you would usually charge $35 / hour for a senior, back end developer we would ask you offer this same person for $28 to Clockers clients.


Full stack NodeJS dev, usually $3800 / month. We would ask you charge $3040.


You do not have to lower your rates, however, Clockers will add a % to the rates you put forward to clients, it’s how we make our money. We only put a little bit on top that is fair for all parties involved, but if you want to be competitive we recommend you discount by 20%, this will help you win more projects and be a successful outsourcing partner.

Why would
i want to find 
projects on clockers?


Our team in the UK are great at finding the best and most innovative projects for you and your team to work on. The projects we bring you are ones that you will be happy to have in your portfolio.


Do not worry about clients not paying you anymore. Not only do we have all the legal protection in place in the UK to protect you from bad clients not paying, we also run regular invoicing to limit any payment issues that could arise.


We will not make you bid on projects you do not want to work on, you are in full control of what you estimate for and what you do not.


Our team is split between the UK and Ukraine and we know exactly how to setup the best relationship between the two. One of our Outsourcing Success managers will join you and the client in Slack and help ensure a smooth collaboration.

the very beginning.
we have done this process time and agian know exactly how to set you up for success.
Once you have accepted a bid, we will be in contact to setup an introduction call with your
new team.
All parties involved in the project shall be invited to a dedicated Slack channel to keep communication regular and open.
Every project will have a project manager that will oversee the development process.

Not technical? Don't worry, our Project Manager will guide you through the process no problem. If you are technical, you'll be glad to have someone overseeing the remote team on your behalf, reporting directly to you.
We kick off with a planning meeting and then daily calls to discuss progress are a must!
At the end of every week we review the progress and move forward.

You must meet all the below to qualify as a partner

Clutch Rating
  • All of our partners must have a
    4.5 star and above Clutch rating
  • Registered company in Ukraine
  • Accept our Supply of Services
    Contract, NDA, Non-Solicit &
    GDPR Compliance
  • Comply with EU GDPR Regulations
  • In house CTO or VP of Engineering
  • Team size minimum of 15
  • Upper-intermediate English speaking Project Managers available
  • At least 1 specialist tech stack and 3 Architect level developers with 5 years or more experience
  • Ability to scale team at 30 days notice
  • Must have minimum 1 DevOps in-house
  • Ability to confidently use AWS/Google Cloud etc
  • Familiar with Highload Architectures, SOA or Microservices Architecture
  • Be familiar with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Processes
  • Fluent with Git Flow
  • In house Quality Assurance department
  • Highly experienced with SCRUM / KANBAN methodologies
  • Extremely competent preparing Project Roadmaps and providing detailed project Estimations
Finances & Security
  • Happy to work T&M, Dedicated Team or Fixed Price model, depending on client and project requirements.
  • Ability to accept payment by Wire Transfer(UK > Ukraine)
  • Will keep all code on a Private Repository with access only given to developers authorised on project (More in our Supply of Services and GDPR Compliance documentation).
  • Will encrypt all data related to the project for the highest level of security.

Here from Ivan and Oksana - two people that have been successflly working with Clockers on numerous projects over the space of 18 months.


If your application is successful, you must be willing for our team to check a minimum of 5 references from projects you have completed successfully. If you pass the reference check, one of our team members will most likely come and visit you in your office before we start bringing you projects.